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CD Enhancements

A CD Enhancement can turn your audio CD into something truly special. We can "add" a wide variety of materials to your audio CD that greatly enhance the value of your project. When placed in a CD player the CD functions normally, playing the audio. When placed in a computer (either Mac or PC) the bonus materials become available to the user.

We can add almost any kind of video to your CD, from a short music video to an intimate interview to a complete mini-documentary. In addition to video we can include numerous other types of materials. You might consider a photo gallery with an almost unlimited number of high quality photos, or maybe a "slide show" that automatically plays your photos in a particular sequence. Perhaps a "scrapbook" with lyrics, credits, stories, poems, etc.

Regardless of the content you decide to place on your Enhanced CD, we can also design and develop an interface that suits your particular needs and budget. From a simple, straightforward folder which contains the materials to be viewed, to an interactive, multimedia extravaganza that will dazzle and excite the viewers, it's all up to you.

Many of our enhancement materials are encoded in "self-contained" files which do not require the end users to have any particular programs installed on their computers while other items (such as photos and video) are encoded in formats that are widely supported and common on most computers (JPEG, Quicktime, etc.). Either way, the vast majority of users will be able to view your materials quickly and easily without having to install any new programs or materials on their computers.

It's now easier than ever (and surprising affordable!) to add multimedia, video, photos and more to your audio CD.

Here are just some of the many possible items you can include as enhancements on your audio CD:

  • Music Video
  • Documentary Video
  • Live concert footage
  • Photo Gallery
  • Multimedia Tour Diaries
  • Lyrics
  • Interview
  • Stories
  • Poems
  • Musician Bios
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