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Katie Armiger CD Enhancement


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Katie Armiger is young, fresh country songwriter and singer from Texas signed with Cold River Records. She has a great song titled "Leaving Home" about her own personal experiences when striking out on her own to build her career. Her record label wanted to share the inspiring song with graduating high school seniors everywhere, so we built an enhanced CD with two videos and the song.

Users can play the CD and listen to the song as they would any other CD in any CD player (car, home, computer, etc.). If they place the CD in their computer they have access to the "enhancement." This enhancement (like most of the ones we create) was built in Flash. It's totally self-contained so the end user doesn't need to have any special software on their computer. It plays exactly the same on a Mac as it does on a PC (except the PC has an "autostart" feature).

The user first sees an introduction video by Katie inviting high-school seniors to use her song and build an experience around it. When the video finishes they are automatically taken to a "landing page." From there they can choose to watch another video, a full length video based on "Leaving Home."

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