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August 27, 2009

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Ernie Hendrickson grew up on a steady diet of Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Cat Stevens and The Grateful Dead. These early heroes opened the gates to the deep well of American roots music which he continues to draw inspiration from. While attending Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal, Hendrickson found himself the leader of The Seed Band, a group that would release three independent records, and found a cult following in the university subculture and surrounding areas. Eventually migrating to Chicago in 2003, he struck out on his own and started making inroads in the daunting but fertile americana music scene. His self-released and highly acclaimed first solo record, 2007's Down The Road, was a triumph personally and professionally. Coming into his own, classic 70's country sounds and heartfelt balladry mingled with blues and tribal beats. Howard Levy's harmonica is sprinkled over crystal clear acoustic guitar arrangements and shimmering pedal steel lines. Hendrickson's new album, Walking With Angels, is due to be released on October 13, 2009.

Hendrickson wanted a new website in place before the new album was released. To promote branding of the new album, the design of the website is coordinated with the design of the CD package. Great emphasis was placed on providing Hendrickson's fans and visitors with everything they need to stay abreast of current news and happenings. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, SonicBids and ReverbNation links are prominently featured on every page. A popup jukebox allows visitors to listen to his entire new album even as they navigate elsewhere through his site (and the entire web). Visitors can also listen to his first album via the Music page. Tour dates and a Mailing List signup form are also featured on almost every page. Photo and Video galleries are easily updatable so that new content can be added at any time. News items and tour dates are also very easy for Hendrickson to update himself via the web, from any computer. There's also a Press Kit which features downloadable images and documents for press, radio, retail and touring usage. Items in Hendrickson's store are handled via a PayPal.

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