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Date Launched:

March 11, 2008

Technologies Employed:

  • (X)HTML
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  • Flash
  • MySQL
  • PHP

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R.W. Hampton is one of the leading Western Entertainers in America today. Blessed with a wonderfully rich baritone voice, R.W. has a quality of genuineness about him that resonates when he's on stage, in person or just through the words of his songs. For R.W. has lived what he sings about, and the world of early mornings, hard work, rough horses, maverick cattle and new ranges fits him. After twenty years in the entertainment business, R.W. is still pure cowboy, singing about what he loves best. Working cowboys in today's world are unique on their own, but being genuine in a day when even reality television programs are set-up and staged is even more refreshing, and R.W.'s audiences and fans appreciate that.

When Hampton came to use to redesign his website we knew we wanted to do something very special that reflected his Western music and lifestyle. Using photos of R.W. on his ranch in New Mexico along with images of his personal gear (ropes, spurs, etc.) we came up with a layout that we thinks gives each visitor an immediate idea of who R.W. Hampton is.

Hampton's site contains News and Tour pages which he can easily update himself. His Tour page also provides individual pop-up windows with detailed information about each show. A comprehenisve Music section gives visitors the ability to listen to every song, in full, from eachof his albums. There's also an easily updatable Photo Gallery and a Store which connects through PayPal for processing. Visitors can sign up for his Mailing List and even use one of our custom built "Tell A Friend" features to send a message to a friend about the site.

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